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Plein Air
Inessa Refo Photography offers a unique service for the Estonian market - a creative photo shoot that will reveal your modeling potential and its not just a beautiful photo in the "my photos" folder, this is specific and amazing experience.

Our team will prepare you for a thematic photo shoot, we will select beautiful, fabulous thematic costume, prepare a special props for shooting. Our stylists will prepare a makeup and styling for you. This photoshoot for the whole day and is divided into 4 parts.
Before shooting we will discuss your wishes, get acquainted with your external parameters and develop looks which are suitable for you.
The second part is preparation for shooting, location choosing, makeup, styling and costume preparation.
We start to photoshoot during 2h on the planned locations
Preparing a photo archive and photos in retouching, as well as printing photos, drawing up a photo book if you wish.
The beauty of this photo shoot is that you can try on a creative stylistic look and change 2-3 locations (in proximity to each other), which will diversify your portfolio and make you and your life look completely new. We organise outdoor or indoor photoshoots, depends on theme. Our team develops new thematics and update props, you can check our ready completed projects in " Our Projects" . We are also ready to cooperate, realize your dreams and your shoot you in your favorite costumes.

Become a real model can everyone! Not needed to be especially "beautiful" or have some modelling experience, not needed to be a model at all! Photographer is a professional who will help you, guide you, help to relax and find a best posing. A photoshoot will help to mask all problem places and make even more beautiful the best parts of your body and face!

You can come to a photo session as a couple and do a creative Love Story, you can come as a family, you can come with girlfriends (up to 3 people), you can only shoot with a child or children (up to 3 children), as well as photos with animals (cats, dogs, horses, deer, llamas, etc.). Our stylists will also consider each individually and ask them to prepare clothes that will be combined with other characters.

Would you try an amazing stylish look?
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